For the Preservation of Indigenous Wisdom — a philosophy of life in harmony with the natural world, preserved by the Q'ero Indians of Peru, direct descendants of the Inkas — to carry out the vision of the Andean prophets: Wiraqocha Foundation

Stamp out hunger! — Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger, ¾ are children under 5. Click the button and you will feed someone in need ... FREE to you! Find out how ... The Hunger Site is a nonprofit, grassroots citizens' lobby working to create the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty: action.org

Useful pages to review the symbols used in astrology:
Understanding Astrology


One man's riveting account of his experiences with visitors from "elsewhere". Whitley Strieber's astounding reports utterly claims the reader's attention — because it is actually occurring: Communion


Widen your eyes and imagination as an unprecedented IMAX film draws you deep into the mysteries of Egypt. See a preview, go behind the scenes, get a message transcribed into hieroglyph: Mysteries of Egypt IMAX Film Tour


Literally the largest crop circle site on the internet. On this site you will find information to cater all your needs for circle news including an International Crop Circle Database. Crop Circle Connector

Will YOU detect a civilization beyond Earth? Join 1,332,093* other private citizens in the S.E.T.I. search. Download a free program that analyzes radio telescope data and sends it back for processing automatically. S.E.T.I.


To Boldly Go Where Someone Has Gone Before ... "Star Trek, in many ways, more personifies the spirit of what NASA used to be... than does the current NASA..." — Alan Keyes, Candidate for President, Spring, 1996. Public understanding of major "Space Age" achievements over the past 30 years increasingly seems to have been nothing more than a carefully constructed "version" of a much more extraordinary truth: Richard Hoagland ... a man with a mission ... Enterprise Mission

Becoming a shaman through your own life as a vision quest. A shamanic journey, medicine wheels and spirit animals: Path of the Feather


Denizens of the Invisible Empire. These images were taken with a scanning electron microscope in the Biological Electron Microscope Facility at the University of Hawaii. The original black & white images were manipulated and colorized with Adobe Photoshop®; the colors are a product of the imagination. MicroAngela




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