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“Cobweb Painter Collects Art In Unusual Mediums.” Chattanooga Times 24 August 1953 "Mrs. James Blunt Clopton paints pictures on cobwebs, Huntsville Ala; collects unique works of art from all over the world; raises Persian cats; and as an additional hobby, is more than happy to show the whole works to any interested caller at her self-designed home on Triana Road."

“Alabama Grandmother Paints Pictures On Cobwebs.” The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine 14 September 1952 "Any housewife can tell you that the most effective way to handle cobwebs is to seize a broom and sweep. But in Huntsville, Ala., a sprightly, gray-haired grandmother, Mrs. Blunt Clopton, deals with cobwebs another way."

“History of Cobweb Painting", Historical Collection, Huntsville Public Library c. 1945 Small booklet describing the history of Anne's paintings.

“The Picture On The Web", The Southerner Magazine May-June 1949 "Just outside of Huntsville, Alabama, in a big, white house surrounded by a picket fence, lives a little, gray-haired lady with one of the strangest hobbies you could ever imagine."

“She Paints On Cobwebs", Historical Collection, Huntsville Public Library c. 1953 "Mrs. Clopton has mastered a great art. Will she be remembered as the first and last American cobweb painter?"

Obituary Notice of Mrs. James Blount Clopton, Huntsville Times 5 February 1956 "Mrs. Clopton, a teacher in the Huntsville School System from 1896 until she retired in 1944, died yesterday at 2:45 p.m. at her home on Triana Pike."



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