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The Dream Maker is located in the historical Anne Bradshaw Clopton house on Triana Blvd.
Anne Bradshaw Clopton is famous for her delicate oil paintings on spider webs! Anne was also a teacher for many years, and she was the first woman in our county to run for a place on the Board of Education. She formed the first Girl Scout troop in this area of Alabama, raised a large family and also later in her life, bred Persian cats. Her unique talent and passion for painting on spider webs stayed with her throughout her lifetime.

Image Courtesy of Burritt on the Mountain

Ron and Jerrine Gray decided to commemorate this unusual artist & preserve an important part of Huntsville history, by recreating her painting area in the house. We have worked hard to gather information about Anne's life and work, and are extremely grateful to Stephanie Timberlake, Curator of Burritt Museum, for sharing their information about Mrs. Clopton and allowing us to photograph her paintings.We are also very grateful to Ranee' Pruitt, Archivist at The Huntsville Madison County Public Library, for all the wonderful information, images and articles she located and shared of Anne. Many thanks to Kay Peterson at the Smithsonian Institute for her help in providing the historical footage of Anne Clopton as featured on the film "Industry on Parade" (c. 1955)

If anyone has additional information about Anne that you'd like to share in this unique exhibit, please contact us at 256.883.8446, or email us at rongray@dreammakershop.com

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